Thank the Teacher Gift Cards from

Devastating budget cuts leave most schools without the supplies our children need to succeed.  Books, computers, art supplies, musical instruments, science gear and even paper are all in short supply. 

The situation is so desperate that teachers spend their own money to provide just some of the basics students need.

In challenging times like these, what can parents give as a meaningful holiday gift for teachers?  

Now, there's a solution:  Thank the Teacher Gift Cards from can be redeemed for classroom supplies.  This welcome gift lets parents take the financial burden off of teachers and also helps children-- including their own.  

Imagine the impact as we channel to classrooms some of the hundreds of millions of dollars normally spent each year buying traditional presents for teachers! 

Those Gift Cards offer two more benefits. Since they represent donations to a nonprofit, the contributions are tax-deductible.  Also, many companies will match employees' donations, which can double their funding. Now, that's something no traditional gift or gift certificate can offer. Thank the Teacher Gift Cards are perfect for teachers, for friends of teachers, for parents who can share it with their child’s teacher, or for anyone who cares about schoolchildren.

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